A testimony to professional driving instruction

Here’s an email we received regarding Surepass driving instructor Michelle Harrison in Golborne, Warrington who expertly conducted this driving lesson.
“I would like to email you with congratulations and to say how happy and so impressed with the learner driver and instructor who was on slag lane Leigh today near the tip going towards Lowton, I can not thank them enough for keeping back and not passing myself and my horse and stayed back giving plenty clearance till I safely made it off slag lane and up a small track leading back to the farm, slag lane is horrendous for horse riders but it’s only way we can get too and from Pennington flash, I was well impressed as just 5 minutes before I had had cars flying past esprit and myself way too fast and too close for my liking. Esprit is very good on roads but they are unpredictable animals and anything could spook them and cause us both injury or could be fatal.  I couldn’t get the registration number of the car but all as I know is the car was white and the learner was a young male. Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping us safe and keep up the fantastic work.   Credit where credits due they both were fantastic and I can’t praise them high enough.  Please would you find out who the instructor was and learner and thank them on our behalf.  Not all learners and instructors of other motoring schools are like this.  I applaud you all.”
Many thanks
Wendy barton