I could happily write a full novel about how amazing Ian Parsonage is. Not only is he an excellent instructor, capable of calmly identifying and fixing any bad driving habits you might have without ever coming across as harsh, critical, or condescending, but he’s also a fantastic person that I looked forward to spending an hour or two with every week. I used to be the kind of person who would literally shake while holding the steering wheel whenever I was driving on a busy road, and I just hated driving in general. After learning with Ian, I’m not just more confident on the road, but I actually enjoy driving now. He transformed me from a nervous wreck into an actual decent driver. Thanks to him and his seemingly infinite patience, I ended up passing first time.
Cheers Ian, and thanks Surepass
Andrew Leigh
Ian Parsonage, Surepass Driving Instructor in Wigan, Greater Manchester