DVSA test waiting time update.

“We typically carry out around 1.8 million practical driver and rider tests per year, however during 2020-21 due to measures in response to COVID-19, we were able only to carry out around 519,000 tests. At the start of the financial year there were 372,100 car practical tests in our forward booking system and a substantially increased waiting time for a test of around 17 weeks (vs normal level of 6 weeks). This reduced to 14 weeks by the end of the year. Recovery measures included introducing incentive schemes to increase the throughput of tests, working with the industry to ensure candidates are as well prepared as possible and recruiting 81 more driving examiners (net of leavers). Our 2022-23 business plan has a target of 9 weeks or less by December 2022”

Taken from the DVSA’s annual report.