Superior Franchise

The Superior franchise is designed to be the best on the market it starts from £535 per month inc VAT and this is what is included

  1. Services of a personal Customer Account Manager
  2. Access to Surepass office, our £100,000 pupil management system
  3. Personal email address and webmail
  4. Surepass Roof Sign
  5. Pupils generated from the Surepass website
  6. Adverts on Social Media where appropriate
  7. Your own personal advert on (worth £600)
  8. Your own highly optimised local website to showcase your services and prices.
  9. 200 Full Colour A5 personalised leaflets
  10. Stationary Pack, including business cards, appointment cards, progress sheets, pens
  11. Two personalised business planning meetings with a Surepass Director to maximise your earning potential
  12. Incapacity Cover
  13. Advertising & Marketing package. £850 annual personal budget set aside for your choice of adverts.
  14. Accounts service- Advice and full preperation of your tax return
  15. Extra cash back £200 credited to your franchise account during the month of December
  16. Guaranteed 100 pupils although we would expect the above to provide between 100 and 150 pupils per year

Expected gross earnings between £30,000 and £45,000

If you are already a Driving instructor and would like to join this franchise phone 0800 0838 435.

If you are interested in training to become a Driving Instructor click here for information on our Driving Instructor Courses